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Comfort Living Is Real.

I remember dreaming of minimalistic living the thought of having nothing unnecessary or any clutter in my home. How times have changed, you're not alone if you feel the urge to comfort decorate right now. It's about mixing old and new to create a feeling of comfort and to reminisce which let’s face it, is what we’re craving right now.

Our homes are indeed our castles. We want to tell a story of who we are and our family and our travels. It's a little bit grandma-style but not quite fill-on cluttered cottage vibe. What I love is we are moving away from colorless interiors that give us no motivation day in day out. Be inspired by the media images all around us daily but recognize the quality of an old-school, layered interior. Put your spin on your style and make it feel fresh and unique. We are also faced with the reality that we can't have or order what we want right now. If you can order, it's going to be 6 months away .... So, we adapt we shop local and upcycle and thank goodness for the marketplace.

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