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Why we all need wallpaper.

I love wallpaper. While some embrace the idea of a wall of pattern and colour. Others are afraid too and stay far from wallpaper as possible. Perhaps worried they will get tired of the wallpaper and let’s face it trends can be short-lived. My suggestion is to embrace the idea of wallpaper and yes it can be overwhelming to decide on the one! Start by finding inspiration. It could be from your surrounding environment, a beloved piece you have, or a style that inspires you. Wallpaper comes in a variety of patterns featuring flowers, birds, trees, abstract prints and some are traditional while others are eye-catching and bold. Choosing something that brings you comfort and happiness couldn't be more relevant today. I like to create a mood board for my customers and it helps to show the ideas and style as it evolves.

Wallpaper is a beautiful way to draw attention to the detail of a room and the design of each room will indicate the best place for a wallpaper to go. Things to consider, if you have a room with an amazing view. Putting bold wallpaper near that window area is only going to take away from the view. A wallpaper design can be soft while working gently to create a backdrop or gloriously bold, making a statement that demands attention. Wallpapering a small room with a pattern can make the small space feel larger. You don’t have to wallpaper the major walls of your home. An area that you pass by or don’t spend too much time in is a perfect place to have wallpaper if you are worried that you may tire from it. I think it is uplifting to see a little surprise of pattern and colour in your home each day no matter how small. Using wallpaper in the back of a cabinet or bookshelves can add a beautiful detail that is not expected. Most importantly take samples home. Sometimes what we think will look great can be very different at home. Most wallpaper designs come in varying colorway's so there is something for everyone's taste.

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