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Floral Notes

Flowers will always be the perfect finishing touch to any room.

No matter if it's a single bloom or a handful of wildflowers placed in a vase, it means we have taken that quiet moment to appreciate the floral fragrances and the beauty of the outdoors. Wandering into the field or garden and gathering up whatever happens to be blooming is good for the soul.

Fruit, seedpods, and herbs can also be a lovely display in the kitchen and a great way to create a good habit of having fresh herbs handly while cooking.

I do feel I'm more of an informal bouquet kinda lady but I still have a great appreciation for the skill and work that goes into making a beautiful formal arrangement.

The Edwardian style of creating a unique display of vases containing individual blooms is my favorite style of arranging and so very easy to do. It is also a lovely way to show a collection of unique vases or vintage bottles.

I also enjoyed for many years putting flowers in my kid's bedrooms and the guest bedroom. I think waking up to flowers on a bedside table is lovely. And now I smile at my girls visiting and raiding our garden to enjoy the very same pleasure.

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